Waiting for Intel

If you want to do anything related to IoT you can use Arduino - easily connecting to other electronics part, hard to connect to Web or other devices, like smartphones, or you can use RaspberryPi: easy connection to Web, hard to connect with other electronics. No big tech company is investing in that, at least, we do not see it.

Microsoft response for this: use Azure, and Windows Embedded, which is, basically, normal Windows. Why, on earth, cannot they use part they bought from Nokia? If it is possible to sell low end Lumias for $40, it is possible to remove screen, battery, case, add some ADC, GPIO, and sell it for $20, as a very small, very powerful board. They could gain traction and catch next shift in tech, instead of being late, again.

Windows on ARM is very secure, .NET is a very rich, and mature library/framework, they could even create some apps for iOS, and Android, to remove connecting pains: local, IoT, devices browser. IoT is a perfect market for Microsoft: selling to enthusiast, and businesses (Maybe their partnership with Miele is about that).

Instead, they choose to wait for Intel(again).

(29 May, 2015)

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