When processors clocks stopped to increase its speed Intel started evangelizing for code parallelism. As it turned out - implementation of it was very limited. Javascript runs in single thread in browser up to this time. There is not much of innovation regarding programs that run on computers - that is why there is no need to upgrade 5 years old PCs. That is why smartphones are fast enough now. Bandwidth limit is perceived more as a reason for slowness than rendering speed.

This thing is parallel from the start. Everything that runs on it is prepared for that. It has only one limit: power consumption, and because of that mobile versions of it will never catch up. Even if battery allows 100 times more energy storage than it is now, mobile device that emits heat in speed of hundreds of Watts is unusable.

This will be next computing battleground, and phones(and Augmented Reality devices), again, would display only “simplified” versions of real applications. (However, AR needs UI only in parts of the vision)

(07 May, 2016)

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