Instant apps

4.5 years ago I left a comment under TechCrunch post about app fatigue:

If web pages are treated like apps, in order to see web page:

This is insane. It is no wonder why people do not install new apps. They already have enough on their bookmark bar. At the same time app, probably weights less than web page, all, but images, is compressed, and compiled, by that it should load, and run faster.

There are a lot of possible use cases: QR codes on posters, clothes, in shops, etc. Do I need to have every shop app? no, but I can still find them usable. Local devices, again, QR code, and I’m already communicating with its interface via app that is running, but has not been installed. I can even fire local browser and see apps that are available/important in my current location. I believed that Apple iBeacon will turn into that direction, but it never happened.

Now it is Google turn to implement this idea as a  Google Instant Apps and maybe it will go further.

(19 May, 2016)

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