Hololens - we have no clue

It is easier to imagine VR experience on couch: games, movies, then a little more AR, then mobile AR experience. At this point Facebook will be next Google.

But, how to start from the middle? Microsoft has AR device, wants to sell it to profesionals, move it to consumer market when it is light enough, make a lot of money, and be next Apple. And here is the problem, because I do not see it succeding by producing lame applications that may help some professionals

Photoshop, 3ds Max, Premiere Pro - this kind of applications would be here in foreseeable future. Instead of building on this, Microsoft wants to create something new for its Hololenses. Why? Why not to start with augmenting existing applications by creating virtual panels


Later, others will follow with new kind of applications, and steb by step, whole ecosystem will be in 3d.

How edit spherical movie for Oculus? use Hololenses. What will people prefer? using old, professional app, and previews on Oculus, or edit in some lame app(with potential for disruption) in Hololenses?

(03 December, 2015)

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