Here it comes

Amazon’s Alexa will be able to control Nest and Honeywell thermostats this month

Here is piece from 2016/01/26, which I haven’t published, about predictions:

They found themselves with Echo - which is a great success, can they use it? Bezos is quite smart, so I think he connected dots and is moving towards Sonos like: Alexa in every room - every room means control of whole house + they have this Amazon Basic, I wonder how fast they get to connected “smart” light switches, controlled by voice. This was my idea in something like 2012, but I dismissed it - eye is still faster than formulating idea in head, and then translating it into voice. That is the best use case of AR, and VR to some extent in home. Possibly they can make transition to AR, just like Facebook did with VR.

Since it wasn’t published this one doesn’t count :/ But still, Amazon right now is on track to capture smart home, and by that whole IoT

(03 March, 2016)

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