Apple car predictions

It is better to publish this text now, before ideas on this list are reality.

Some argue it is all about electric, and think of it in terms of electric cars, comparing it to Tesla. Some says that infotaiment/dashboard will be the point of differentiation. Well, those are important, but when one think about history of Apple products, and how they changed industries by creating ultrabook form, or how whole phone industry collapsed/was recreated. That is why, I think, the most important feature of Apple car would be its exterior design. Currently, only grille is what makes car distinctive, by seeing it one can easily guess brand. The same situation was in pre-unibody PC laptops, and feature phones before iPhone.

In case of Apple car:

Apple car is future proof. In a world with self-driving cars, car buyers are corporations that are making only rational decisions, using only price. Be prepared for being driven in a cheap vehicle barely different than current mass transit, but hey, it is way cheaper than owning a car. And what choice you really have, car manufacturers to be able to use economies of scale will produce barely better cars than those made for Uber, then there are those super cars. Apple car lands in between: more comfort, and less expensive than super cars, because Apple still can mass produce them.

New design will be strong incentive to buy it, especially, when others will start copying it, and only Apple car will be perceived as original one. But there are more differentiators: electric, quiet. It’ll have lease plans - so more people can afford it, Apple is testing that using iPhone now. And most important thing: old models will be refurbished, and sold in similar manner as currently older versions of iPhones. Why people do not want to buy used cars? because someone else used it :), or it was repaired after accident. If whole interior is new, there is guarantee from Apple that most used parts have been replaced, and there is no history of accidents - it can be sold as a quite new.

(25 March, 2016)

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