Microsoft on Threshold, and if Watches are future.

Where Microsft is now? It is not existent in phones - currently most active computing market. Tablets are mixed bag - on one side, heavy investments in Windows 8 made no returns, on the second side, tablets ARE NOT next big thing - it looks like netbook market all over again, desk computers are saved - and because of that, Windows. Another plus is having mobile apps(Metro apps) on desktop. So what Microsoft can do now:

Watch Only future can be easily imagined:

At first watch is a notification machine, and it is known that lot of applications can really function on notification only level: Imagine Foursquare getting GPS data all the time, and if we are on some point of interest it could notify user with One button as a UI: ‘you are at xxxxx, Check in?’. But this can create constant-need-for-interaction hell.

News can be read to some kind of bluetooth headset(like Moto Hint), Social things are little harder - there are lots of movies and images.

But even if there is perfect Siri, language interfaces are hard, because languages are used for communications, not for doing things. Language interface would be like being on Helpdesk all the time, not interesting future.

We can then imagine using watch sensors for gestures, but without external screen all feedback we would get will be sound, or buzzing wrist, not a great experience either.

It is not hard to do AR using sound - when you enter shop, different sounds, or words would indicate something, but this still is a not good substitute for vision, and showing stuff.

So why Google Glasses failed? because it was WATCH attached to face: headlines, notifications, hard interaction by touch, and spoken language, small screen.

(14 September, 2014)

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