Smarthomes end (as we know it)

Smarthomes now: switch/control panel hell on the wall nobody uses. Nest: mentally ill asylum. How, ‘big’ data, and learning algorithms are treating a man with fever, or a man with mood? Either discard data as an anomaly, and be not that smart, or change how it behaves, which can lead to unpredicted results. Enter Apple. HomeKit creates elegant solution for interface UI, and place to trade data between different components(bye, bye machine to machine). But wait, there is more: How to build a perfect dimmer? Read eyes behaviour. What Nest could do if it has access to temperature sensors on human body? And there enters iWatch. This is clear ‘one ring to rule them all’ strategy, and manufacturers of smarthome gizmos cannot do anything about it. So instead of debating on 13 standards, ZigBee, it is time to learn Swift and iOS APIs.

And why you need gesture, or voice control if temperature is always right?

(03 August, 2014)

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